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PR Actuarial provides actuarial services to assist solicitors and litigants in person with settling pensions entitlements on divorce cases in England and Wales.


We produce court-compliant reports on a single or joint expert witness basis paying due regard to Family Procedure Rules 2010 Part 25.

In addition, we are happy to attend court hearings as an expert witness.

If you would like PR Actuarial to prepare an Experts Pensions Report please send us your instructions including details of the parties pensions. If possible please also send us the completed 'Mandate Form' and 'Background Form' (see Documents & Links tab) for both parties.  We will be delighted to provide you with a no obligation quote.


Our approach is tailored to be as efficient as possible and can be summarised in 3 chronological steps:

  1. Gather all information: We first interpret our clients’ objectives. Then we gather all data on relevant pensions schemes. It is amazing how often clients underestimate the size of pension assets involved! Once all the pensions data is in, we corroborate the objective.                                                                                                                                            

  2. Calculation and report writing: Empowered with all information, we define the options available and calculate the maths. We keep our clients informed about progress regularly. The final output is usually a punchy and understandable report.                                             

  3. Open to questions: We are open to questions and follow-up requests after report delivery.   

About Randhir

A qualified pensions actuary, Randhir decided to found PR Actuarial after spending more than 25 years in the industry with firms such as Goldman Sachs/Rothesay Life (now separate), Aon and Noble Lowndes (now Mercer). Over the last couple of years whilst at Collins Actuaries, Randhir became adept at handling the divorce settlement pensions assessment process. He believes in concise communication, leading him to develop his innovative report writing style. 


Away from work, Randhir is an active gym-goer, swimmer and big fan of family time.